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Anonymous asked: Read your "about me" and you're such a sweety. I'm gonna compliment the hell out of your writing when I get the chance to peruse them!<3

Thank you. :)

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Anonymous asked: Are you really back?! C: Also I'm a bit confused, the way you phrased the last ask and the last post makes it seem like there was more than one new fic posted, but I only see one here and one on ao3. Could you please clear this up for me?

I apologize for the confusion. I plan on posting two more fics tonight.

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Anonymous asked: Where have you gone? ):

Busy with things. I do apologize.

On a side note, fic posts have been updated and linked to Ao3 posts.

-Insomnia Party

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Right Hand or Left Hand?

A/N: It’s good to be back. I bring lots of presents including this fic, which is the shortest of them all. I have quite a few things to say about this little fic. It wasn’t a request. Recently, I have been aggravated with somethings and decided to get them out with this fic. Lots of violence. Lots of anger.

Title: Right Hand or Left Hand? (Ao3 Link Here)


Words: 834   -   Chapters: 1/1

Pairing: Bro Strider/John Egbert

Characters: Bro Strider, John Egbert

Tags/Warnings: Rape/Non-Con, Graphic Depictions of Violence, John Egbert, Sexual Violence, Physical Abuse, Sexual Abuse, Implied Black eye, Hair-pulling, bruises, Hickies, Love marks, love bites, Crying, Begging, Implied Rape

Summary: John fucks up and spits it out instead of swallowing. Bro asks him which fist he wants to be beat with.

Very violent.

Read more …

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Anonymous asked: Come back, mr insomniaparty, we miss you ):

Do not fret. I have returned once again. This time I will make an effort to stick around and not disappear again.

I am currently working on a stridercest fic request. I hope it turns out as well.

- Insomnia Party

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pyroaries asked: Wait, did you make that or was that on the HS page? *so confused*

I drew it, yes. Please forgive me for the vagueness of the post and any confusion I have caused.


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Anonymous asked: mr. insomniaparty, i miss you! come back. ; w ;

Thank you. I am back. I am sorry for making you worry about me. I apologize for the delay in completing the writing requests I have received.

-Insomnia Party

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It looks like I won’t be finishing this tonight. I still have a long ways to go and underestimated how long it would take me.

I’ll take a break from this and post it tomorrow night and work on some of those single chapter request fics I metioned earlier.

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If Life Gives you Lemons (Part 2) + Information

I’m going to be working on a detailed request regarding a second part to ILGYL. (The first chapter of ILGYL can still be read as a stand alone fic) It will probably take me all night, most likely until 6 or 7 am, starting now. So I won’t have enough time to fit in other requests till later tomorrow.

Tomorrow, I’ll probably try to get in around 3-4 requests including:

  • drunk!Dave/John Non-con fic with lots of physical violence and “horrible stuff your parents always wish that doesn’t happen to their kid when in a relationship”
  • a sequel part to SETHUTS where Dad gets revenge on Bro (Dad/Shota!Dave non-con)
  • Dave/John sex where Dave acts like a total ass but gives John the best sex of his life. lots of dirty talk and hair pulling (not a non-con fic, just normal sex)
  • a sorta non-con BroJohn fic where Bro fucks John in his sleep
  • BroJohn fic where John is giving Bro a blowjob in public
  • BroJohn Petplay
  • Bro/Shota!John/Dave double penetration. (probably some eiffel-towering in this fic)

THERE IS NO PARTICULAR ORDER I WILL BE COMPLETING THESE IN. I may even write some up that aren’t listed on here. These are just some of the ones you may be seeing over the next 2 or 3 days. If you don’t see your request on this list, don’t worry, I’ll get to yours eventually! :]

Also, I’m going to start shifting a bit of priority to DirkJake and Stridercest fic requests since I am growing a bit tired of BroJohn and DaveJohn. But this will probably happen after I finish all the requests listed above.


-Insomnia Party

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